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The Makk-Daddy
of crypto tokens!

Makk is one lucky cat, here to spread good fortune and love to the moon and back!

Makk's Philosophy


Makk is a DeFi deflationary token project with 3 key benefits at its core:​

  1. Rewards - for Makk holders, through long term growth, reflection and delivery of stage 3 projects and initiatives with unique reward mechanics

  2. Fairness - to our loyal community, focus on equality of opportunity to invest at pre-launch, public launch and beyond

  3. Safety - through a dedicated project team, committed to a long term vision for Makk. A locked LP, renounced ownership, un-rugpullable and post-launch audit

And beyond that Makk himself is all about fun and good fortune!!

About Mak


Makk's 9% transparent fee on all transactions is split simply into 3 uses. These uses reward holders; add liquidity to stabilise the price; and to help grow and promote Makk further.

Makk Ridding Rocket.png


3% is given back to you as a loyal token holder xoxo

Makk on The Moon.png


3% is added to the liquidity pool to underpin the project viability

MAKK STICKERS-10b_edited.png


3% is directed to the dev wallet to help promote the coin and develop future projects

As seen on . . . 



Phase 1


  • Website launch 

  • Social media and Telegram launch 

  • PreSale (100 BNB hard cap)

  • 80% sent to Pancake swap for Liquidity

  • Liquidity Pool locked for 1 year

  • Max contribution 3 BNB per wallet to avoid whales

  • Burn of ~10% tokens post PreSale

Phase 2

Launch Plan

  • Public launch on Pancakeswap

  • Extensive post-launch Makketing blast

  • Invest in bold, creative and fun Makketing

  • Focus on MOONing price of MAKK

  • Telegram community network building

  • Devs will renounce ownership

  • Devs get Makk tattoos at $5m market cap!

  • Launch on larger exchanges

  • Create unique stylish Makk NFTs

  • Prepare for Phase 3 PROJECT

Phase 3

The Future

  • Launch Makk Casino!!!

  • Community selected name

  • A decentralized gaming environment with unique gambling and reward mechanics

  • MAKK owners have exclusive access to play, stake coins and earn massive rewards

  • Community driven features and weekly rewards from the Makk family

  • Whitepaper coming Q1 2022

  • Reach the Moon and drink cocktails with Elon!!

How to buy

How to buy

Step 1

Download MetaMask or Trust Wallet Application


The Main Man Makk!

Makk is a Maneki Neko - a "beckoning cat" well known across the world as a symbol for luck and good fortune!  Although calico white most of the time, Makk changes color from time to time depending on his focus...

Makk Red_edited.png

Calico Makk loves living his best life and is overall the luckiest!

Red Makk is all about love and community xoxo

Black Makk wards off evil spirits keeping his tokens safe 

Gold Makk promotes wealth and prosperity for all :)

Green Makk is for good health and longevity

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